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This DVD hows basic polishing methods for Japanese style blades, including final polishing methods to make the hamon really pop.  Several methods are shown including sandpaper, belt grinder and Japanese water stones.  Etching and final hybrid (i.e. non-traditional) polishing will also be covered.  It should be noted that this is not a “how to polish nihonto” video.  It’s aimed first and foremost at smiths who are making functional modern blades.  That said, if you’re looking to improve the polish or geometry on an imported tameshigiri blade, this video will have plenty of information for you.  In particular we’ve tried to demystify the subject of Japanese water stones.  Three blades are polished, including a shinogi zukuri blade, so you’ll see how to set the geometry of the shinogi and the kissaki — the two most difficult aspects of foundation polishing.    1:45 minutes. 

Japanese Sword Polishing DVD

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