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Currently available is this unmounted shinogi-zukuri (double-beveled) katana, hand forged from W2 steel and clay hardened.  The blade length is 28.5" (72 cm) with a total length of 37" (91 cm).  Fully polished, sharpened and ready for use.  Simple copper habaki included.  Click on the photos to see larger images and additional information.  Click here to contact Walter for purchase details.  SOLD


Blade Length:  28.6 inches (72 cm)

Nakago Length:  9 inches

Total Length:  38 inches (94 cm)

Thickness:  .25 inches (6 mm)

Width at Machi:  1.3 inches (33 mm)

Width at Kissaki:  1 inches (23 mm)

Steel:  W2 steel (not folded)

Geometry:  Shinogi-zukuri (double-beveled)

Hamon:  Choji (clove blossom)

Kissaki:  Chu-kissaki (medium tip)


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