Walter Sorrells is a swordsmith who forges art swords and knives designed to appeal to the collector of Japanese-influenced blades.

Having studied a number of Japanese sword arts, Walter demands that his work not only be attractive, but durable and accurate in their details. Walter forges a wide variety of blade types, from high performance blades inspired — but not limited by — the Japanese tradition, to very traditionally made blades forged from folded tamahagane, the traditional steel used by Japanese smiths for over a thousand years.

Ever wanted to make knives or swords?  Walter continues to expand his instructional video output, this time with a video aimed at all knifemakers.  The hour and twenty-five minute video — Tools for the Knifemaker — outlines all the tools you’ll need to start making knives.  The good news…you can get started on this absorbing hobby for around a hundred bucks.  Click on the VIDEOS tab at the top of the page for more info.



We've been trying to get downloadable versions of Walter's instructional vids for sale.  Still working out the details.  But we'll have them soon...



Check out Walter's instructional videos.  The series includes videos covering forging Japanese swords, blade polishing, making hamons and clay hardening, mounting blades, and making various sword fittings including habakis, fuchi/kashiras, guards, etc.  Click the VIDEOS tab above.